IndoXploit WordPress Hack – What It Is & How To Fix It

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IndoXploit WordPress Hack - hacked by IndoXploit - IndoXploit auto deface solution

WordPress websites are undermined not by modern programmers but rather by bots written to misuse acknowledged vulnerabilities. Such vulnerabilities mainly comprise of obsolete themes & plugins, weak passwords, and inferior quality web hosting.

What is Indoxploit Hack?

Indoxploit shell ( IndoXploit WordPress Auto Deface) can be defined as a PHP-based backdoor that allows an expert infiltration analyzer to sidestep a server’s security effectively. Indoxploit web shell is commonly utilized to compromise a popular system that creates and modifies digital content, i.e. CMS. Consequently, Indoxploit is used, by the hackers, now and then to compromise websites. 

As per this hack, you will come across a new file on your server. You will also see an uploaded folder by the name of as indoxploit.php. Mainly, it concentrates on defacing WordPress-based websites.

If unfortunately, you have this file on your web server, your first step should be jot down the date of the file and look for any other file with the same date. At the same location, the script will automatically install adminer.php on your server. There is no second thought required here, delete it. 

IndoXploit PHP Hack WordPress

Features of IndoXploit IDX Shell WordPress– 

  •      Capable of mass defacements.
  •      A capability of cracking passwords of cPanel.
  •      A capability of reading files.
  •      A capability of mass submissions to Zone-H.
  •      A capability of leaping into different user accounts. 

IndoXploit IDX Shell WordPress

Now you need to have a closer look, through the server, at two key things, i.e. the time and date of the entry. This will help you have a better comprehension if any other part of your system has jeopardized.   

The interlopers might be setting up the server to sell it off to another client, either a person with criminal intentions or to some anti-social group. 

The WP config files will be placed at a location where they could be easily linked directly and would provide easy access to the anti-social elements to take advantage of. Despite the fact that indoxploit.php remains password protected, the password could be easily identified and could be sold to someone who is looking to have total control over the server. 

The compromised website will have a folder named idx_config which will hold the content form of configuration files of all the CMS installations the IDX can discover. The IDX is responsible for acquiring contents of configuration files for some of the well-known CMS (Content Management Systems). Also, this indoxploit shell also saves the content as .txt files in a folder created by it named as idx_config.    

Various Stages (IndoXploit WordPress Hack)

  •      To install the web shell; an attack vector is used by a baleful user such as a misconfigured server or outdated software.
  •      The baleful user initiates a conversation with the web shell and permits the hacker to upload files and other compromised content to the web server.
  •      At this stage, a status comes again from the web shell confirming whether the upload was a success or a failure.

How does a website gets affected ?

When your website is hacked, there are certain things that get effects such as – 

  •      Files, which are already there on the server, like your theme files can undergo modifications.
  •      Certain files, containing malicious code or PHP, can be uploaded to the server.
  •      Files get uploaded, on the server, on its own having malicious code or PHP backdoors.
  •      The chances are that the website can redirect to the malware websites.
  •      Users, having administrative rights, can be also be added to the WordPress database.
  •      Several post and pages, having spam code, can also be published.
  •      A certain code can also be inserted into your WordPress database. 

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Why Backdoor is perilous

A backdoor can be defined as a method through which a hacker can sidestep some or all security forms to control some part of your system or even an application. A backdoor can also be in the form of a code, a hardware feature, an individual program.

In case a hacker has a backdoor to your server, he has complete freedom to manipulate your server without your knowledge. A hacker can have multiple reasons to have a backdoor to your server, let us discuss some of them in detail.

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  •      DDoS The first one is where the hacker powers the influenced server to take part in a Distributed Denial of Service Attack. This takes place when the server gets controlled to send heaps of packages to a particular destination.

Denial of service attack takes place when the hacker attempts to make a machine or system asset unapproachable, for instance, by overpowering the asset with a lot of traffic.    

  •      Distribute Malware – Second reason why a hacker can set up a backdoor in your server is to allocate malware the visitors of the website. Basically, this malware is actually a ransomware or adware,and the hacker will make money by distributing it. This particular situation can also lead to blacklisting of the website by leading browsers.   

Types of Backdoor  

Backdoors are characterised using various criteria. Web Shell and system backdoors are two main backdoor which will be discussed here. 

  • Web Shell Backdoor It can be defined as a command-based script. This particular script allows remote administration of the machine. [Also See – Web Shell PHP Exploit 💀 What, Why & How To Fix]
  • System Backdoor – This is the favourite of hackers. Being the key target of the hackers, it offers them the utmost flexibility and permanency.

Different factors make your WordPress site vulnerable to successful attacks, let us discuss them in detail –

  • Outdated Plugins & Themes – Running outdated versions of WordPress plugins and themes will make your WordPress site more vulnerable for attacks. Various version updates comprise of patches for security issues in the code; therefore it is imperative to run only the latest versions of all the latest software installed on your WordPress website.  [ Also Read – WordPress Theme Security – How to Ensure Safety Of Your Theme ]
  • Weak Passwords – You need to have strong passwords to evade security vulnerabilities. Take your time and ensure that your Admin password is a tricky one, you can do this by including various characters, numbers and symbols. Besides, make sure you have kept this password exclusive for your WordPress site and should not be used anywhere else.
  • Using Poor Quality and Shared Hosting – Considering the server, where your WordPress site is being hosted, is being targeted by the hackers, using poor-quality or shared server will escalate the vulnerability of being compromised.

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While most of the hosts adopt apt security measures when it comes to the servers, not all of them are vigilant enough or use necessary security measures to protect the websites on the server level. On the other hand, a shared server is also a major concern as multiple websites are being stored on a sole server. If unfortunately, one website gets hacked, the hackers will have easy access to other websites and their data as well. Using a virtual private server can be a costly affair, but at the same time, it assures utmost safety to your website.

  • Using Themes and Plugins from Untrustworthy Sources – If you are using outdated or poorly-written code, then your WordPress website can be easily exploited by the hackers. Make sure you have downloaded the plugins and themes only from a trustworthy source.   

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How to Recover from IndoXploit hack ? [ Solution ]

Here are some of the key recovery steps you need to follow in order to fix indoXploit WordPress auto deface hack – 

  • Your first step should be to make out all the changes, made by the hack, to your WordPress website’s folders, database entries, and files. If you find any new files or folders being added then make sure you delete them. There are probabilities that the hacker must have changed your user account in the database. You will have to clear their entry and put in a new one so that you can have a login route.  
  • You can also look for the clues in the server logs. You can download the server logs for the past couple of days; this will make you acquainted with the activities done by the hacker. This will give you the clue of what exactly took place.
  • You need to remove all the plugins that the hacker was able to exploit due to vulnerability. Also, blacklist the IP address range of the hacker in the firewall settings in the hosting account. You can also install a plugin that will help you make out possible security vulnerabilities and make sure you tighten them up. 

Another solution to Indoxploit WordPress hack is by installing BBQ: Block Bad Queries plugin:

Wordpress hacked - indoxploit hack solution

How we can help?

Lastly, make sure you never compromise with the security element of your WordPress website. In case you are not able to spare time to clean up your website, you can take our expert services. The reason is that if you don’t clean your website the right way and are unaware of all the vulnerable areas of your website, the hacker can gain easy access. 

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