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We specialize in analyzing and securing WordPress websites. We will start immediately after a request is submitted. Our experts can get a Blacklist resolved within 36 hours. We ensure that the Blacklist is fully cleared and that no further issues remain.

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Our live service ensures that your websites gets fixed as soon as possible.

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We make sure that everything on your website is cleaned up and verify it multiple scanners.

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We are available 24 hours a day/7 days a week to assist you with the any issues after the cleanup.

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We provide you with live updates on the status of your request.

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Our WordPress engineer performs a 360 degree inspection of your website. Based on this analysis, you will receive a detailed report of any issues affecting your website.

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Our staff has over 15 years of WordPress experience. You can be assured that only real WordPress developers fix your website.

WPHackedHelp has over 15 years of WordPress experience. Our goal is to be the best in WordPress cleanups. Hackers often leave back doors which most clean up services do not clean up. We take advantage of our experience to carefully analyze all of the files to make sure we catch every issue on your WordPress website.


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