How To Remove Google Blacklist Warning From Website [2024]

Google Blacklist Removal Guide

⚡️ Google Blacklist Warning

Google blacklist warning means your website security has been compromised. It happens when your website is hacked and it contains malicious content or malicious files. In that case, Google flags your website as a deceptive site in search results. In this google blacklist removal guide, you will learn how to remove google blacklist warning from your wordpress site, google blacklist check tools & solutions

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When a potentially malicious website is identified, or a site is infected with wordpress ransomware or any other kind of malware such as wordpress malware redirect, Google flags the site and to let users know that they are triggering a malware affected sit, They blacklist it. On the other hand, it also notifies the website owner about the attacker’s intention.

⚡️ What is Google Blacklisting?

When search engines remove any website from their index, it is termed as Google Blacklisting. Blacklisting of a website by Google can result in the website being removed from search results and a warning message being displayed to discourage users from visiting the site. Additionally, Google takes measures to protect its users by removing malicious web pages from the top search results, reducing the chances of users inadvertently clicking on harmful links. This helps to ensure that users can browse the internet safely and securely, without being exposed to potential risks.

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⚡️ Types Of Google Blacklisting


Google Blacklisting is typically categorized into two types:

  • Malware Blacklisting by Google
  • Phishing Blacklist by Google

 Google Malware Blacklisting

The most popular search engines use a unique way to represent the websites that are blacklisted due to malware. Browsers like Google, Mozilla Firefox, Yahoo etc use different warning messages to represent a malware hacked website.

Some of the most popular google blacklist warning messages that can be expected are given below:

  1. “The Website Ahead Contains Malware!”
  2. “Danger: Malware Ahead!”
  3. “The site ahead contains harmful programs”
  4. “The site ahead contains malware”
  5. “Reported Attack Page!”
  6. “Suspected Malware Site”
  7. “This website has been reported as unsafe”

Each of the warnings, however, is designed to inform you that the website has been hacked and blacklisted because it is being used to distribute malware and thus deter the users from proceeding further to the websites.

You can use our free tool, WordPress malware scanner, to scan your site and find malicious payloads, security issues, and blacklist status with major authorities.

 Google Phishing Blacklist

Malware can come in many forms: trojan horses, phishing schemes, pharma hacks, email or information scraping. Phishing is one of the popular fraudulent attempt to hack an email to steal personal information. When a website is blacklisted due to phishing attack then the message that you will see after hitting a website URl is “Deceptive Site Ahead”.

Some of the common warnings that may appear on your screen are:

  • Deceptive site ahead
  • Suspected Phishing Site
  • Website Request Forgery

This kind of messages may appear on the screen but no notification is presented on the Google SERP’s.

⚡️ Understanding Google’s Security Warnings

Whenever a user visits any blacklisted website, a warning message with a big red splash screen displays. These warning have important meanings and it is very important to understand the meaning of these messages:

What is “Deceptive Site Ahead”?

This deceptive site ahead warning error message is used to aware the site visitors not to share any information. Google detects that someone made changes to the site to deceive the users . This is often in the form of a spear phishing campaign, but can also include web pages that have otherwise been flagged as deceptive or advertisements. This could also lead to hosting account suspension issue such as godaddy hosting suspended or siteground suspended hosting.

When a user attempts to open a site, this warning generates a  big red screen with a message reserved for phishing blacklist websites:

Also Read“This Site May Be Hacked” message in Google

“This site may harm your computer”

This message is used to inform the users about the malicious website they are trying to access. Google is pretty good in suspecting that a website threat attacker has distributed malicious software on the visitor’s machine and when it detects so, it alerts the user with this type of warning message. Visiting such a site may cause crash to your system or may make your system vulnerable to a number of drive-by-download attacks including ransomware.

When Google detects maliciously distributed malware on a website, it blacklists the site and generates a big red image with the above mentioned warning message across multiple browsers that use the Google blacklist API.

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⚡️ Why Google Has Blacklisted Your Site?

Thousands of websites get blacklisted by Google on a daily basis and the reason why website is blacklisted is the injection of malware affected code  without the permission of websites’ owners. Malicious hackers inject websites with malicious code and to deter website visitors to enter the site, Google gives a warning message with a  big red screen showing an alert to malware affected site.

On the other hand, some websites also affected by phishing campaigns to steal private information and thus hacking a website. A hacked website convinces internet users to visit a fake page and share their personal information. This is why Google blacklists the potentially malicious affected website.

Various reasons for google blacklist message on your website could be:

google blacklist checkerGoogle Blacklisting Website Check

If you observe a sudden drop in your search engine traffic then most probably the reason is Google has blacklisted your website. Thus, it is always wise to check whether your website is de-indexed or not.

Here are some simple ways to verify the blacklisting of your website:

1. Manual Method for Already Indexed websites:

If your website’s pages are already indexed by Google, simply perform this search on Google


For example, let’s search on Google.

After performing this search, if no results are returned then there is a pretty good chance that your website is hacked.

2. Using Site Scan:

Another easier approach to verify whether your website is blacklisted by Google or Not, is to run a security scan in WP Hacked Help scanner – visit here .

Just enter your website URL and test it.. You will get the status of your website within seconds.

3. Check Google Safe Browsing:

One of the best ways to keep track of the health of your website is to use Google Tools. Google also provides tools that allows the website owners to check if a website is blacklisted.

Use Google’s Safe Browsing Diagnostic Tool – To use the tool, just append a URL to the end of

For example, to test this site, you would enter

Google Safe BrowsingFree Google Blacklist Checker / Removal Tools

Is your WordPress website blacklisted by Google? If you want to know, you can quickly check it with our google blacklist checker.  In order to receive a printable copy of your report, you can register yourself on our website and get reports for free.

Other google blacklist removal tools include:

  1.  – The blacklist check will show if the URL or IP entered is listed with DNSBL or SURBL systems.
  2. Blacklist check tool – Chrome Web Store – Google
  3. IP Blacklist Check and Monitor
  4. MX ToolboxThe report will then return results for your domain and highlight critical problem areas for your domain that need to be resolved.
  5. – get the list of google blacklisted domains here.
  6. – get the list of google blacklisted domains here.
  7. The Abusive Hosts Blocking List (AHBL)
  8. BlackListAlert
  9. Blacklist Monitoring
  10. Google Webmaster Tools

Blacklisted due to a Copyright or DMCA claims:

If you want to check your website’s security against copyright claims,, go to Google Removal Page and enter the URL of your website.

Use Google Webmaster Tools

In order to keep track of any type of unwanted changes made to your website, you can use Google Webmaster Tools. When you use this tool, it would show you links to your site, your search queries, site health, 404 not found pages, server errors and many other useful information on your website.

⚡️ How to Remove Website Google Blacklist Warning?

If you find your website blacklisted by Google, you should follow these steps to remove your website from Google’s Blacklist or remove Google blacklist Warning.



Go to Google Diagnostic Page

To identify what exactly is blacklisted on your website, you should check Google Diagnostic Page of your website. You will find the URLs and pages that were detected and flagged for affected by potentially malicious code. This will help you check the content you need to remove from the website.

Check for when is your Website blacklisted?

Next step is to look for the last scan made to your website by Google i.e. when Google lastly found the suspicious content on your website. Clean up the content after the last attempt. Do not remove the pages but remove the malicious content otherwise Google will not remove your website from the list. As it believes that you can restore the pages after the website is gain indexed on search engine.

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request google review


Request A Malware Review:

Once you have made changes to the website’s content and finished the site cleanup, you can request a malware review via Google Webmaster Tools to let Google pick up the latest changes on your site. This will have Google re-scan your site within a few hours.

First verify your website in Google Search Console. Once you’ve verified your website:

  1. Navigate to the Security Issues tab to review the issues Google has found.
  2. Select, I have fixed these issues.
  3. Click Request a Review. This normally takes a few days.
  4. Type detailed information in the box of what you did to fix those issues.
  5. Click the Manual Actions section.
  6. Continue to follow steps 1-4 until all issues have been removed from Google.

Seek Professional Help!

Sometimes,  Google Diagnostic Page is also not able to diagnose malicious domains. Thus, if you do not find the “detrimental” content, try searching the web for the domain names listed on the diagnostic page. The chances are that someone else has already figured out how those domain names are involved in website exploits. If all else fails, contact us to cleanup your hacked wordpress site.

How to Prevent WordPress website from google Blacklist


⚡️ How to Prevent Google Blacklist?

The number of vulnerabilities exploited by attackers grows every day.  Essential tips to protect your website:

  1. It is strongly recommended not to save credentials, like your FTP password, on your local PC.
  2. Use strong passwords and try to set up difficult-to-guess usernames.
  3. If you use FTP, consider switching to a more secure solution, like ssh/SCP/SFTP.
  4. Make sure to scan your website frequently for web application vulnerabilities.
  5. List all the third party plugins which you use and never forget to updates all the plugins regularly.
  6. Install only reputable plugins. Make a list of all third-party plugins you use, and be sure to update them regularly. Both the software you use to run your website and all your plugins should be updated with current versions.
  7. Always set appropriate file or folder permissions on your web server.
  8. It is very important to protect your PC. Thus, make sure you regularly scan your local PC with a reputed antivirus engine.

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