Complete Website Security

Website Malware Removal

Money Back Guarantee

Malware and Virus Cleanup
Malware & Virus Cleanup & Secure Hosting
$99.99 Plus $10/month

  • Malware & Infection Removal
    1 hour Response
    1 hour Response
  • Website Hack Repairs
    8 hour Response
    8 hour Response
  • Google Blacklist Removal
    4 hour Response
    4 hour Response
  • Google Warning Removals
    6 hour Response
    6 hour Response
  • Malware Analysis & research
  • Prevent Future Website Hacks
  • Website Protection Included
  • Customer Support
  • Daily Automatic Backup
  • Daily, Monthly and Weekly Monitoring
  • Free Backup Restores
  • Secure Backup Storage
  • Backup of all Plugins, Images, files & Media
  • Easy Access to Download Backup Files

Our "Wordpress Optimized" Backup service provides top notch customer service and reliability to ensure your data is safe and secure. We ensure complete backups of WordPress sites including database, files, settings. themes, plugins, and more.
Why Backup?WordPress Backups are like an insurance:you need it most, when you may not have them. Backing up your wordpress site regularly prevents data loss in case your site gets hacked.

*Although we are certain that you will love us, incase you do not, we offer 30 day money back guarantee.