How To Change Your WordPress Username🔐? – 3 Easy Ways

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How To Change Your WordPress Username - 3 Easy WaysChange Your WordPress Username

Have you ever been in trouble while changing the admin username of your WordPress website? If yes, we will describe three different methodologies that will help you easily change default WordPress admin Username.

We all know hackers find loopholes🛑 very easily in WordPress website in order to regain access to the website and make illegitimate use of it, One of the easiest way to protect your site from wordpress vulnerabilities is to choose a hard-to-guess and custom username.

Creating a strong username restricts hackers to inject any path to your account with post requests to your wp-login.php page. Do you want to change usernames in WordPress? In this article you will know how to change WordPress username via plugins & phpmyadmin

💡 WordPress Username Requirements (Multi Site)

By default, WordPress multisite usernames are restricted to lowercase letters and numbers. If you want to loosen the requirements, you’ll need to install a plugin. Network Username Restrictions Override is a new plugin that allows your users to create more unique usernames with fewer restrictions.

WordPress Username Requirements (Multi Site)

💡 Method 1: Create New Username

One of the easiest way to change WordPress admin username is to create a new one. In that regard, you will need a different email address than the email address used earlier. Here’s how to create a new user:

  • Login to your WordPress account. On the left-hand side menu, click on ‘Users’ option. Now, select ‘ALL USERS’

add new user

  • Now, click on ‘Add New’

  • Create a new user with a desired username with administrator rights.
  • Fill all the required information.
  • In the Role drop-down menu, choose Administrator so that this new user has the right as an admin. Then click on ‘Add New User’.
  • Logout of the admin account.
  • Login again with a new user account.

 change usernames in WordPress

  • Choose to view All Users in Users section. Hover to the default admin and click on Delete.

Change WordPress admin username for security

Now you are unable to view the old admin in your user list. The admin account is changed to a new username.

💡Method 2: Use Plugins to Change Username

If in any case you are unable to follow the first method, you can perfectly rely on some plugins to help change your WordPress admin username. It’s a simple method where you just need to enter the new username in order to replace to old one.

Change WordPress Admin Username Using Plugins

As soon as the plugin is activated follow the below listed steps:

  • Go to Users
  • Go to Username Changer
  • Select the username you want to change
  • Enter a new username
  • Click on save changes

Now, you are done and you have a new username.

Some of the plugins created specifically for this purpose with an extensive range of features are:

  • Username Changer – Allows you to change the admin username and other administrator usernames. It can also update the display names if that matches the username.
  • Admin Renamer Extended – It’s one of the simplest plugin that allows you to change your admin username, as well as all other administrator usernames. It’s multisite compatible.
  • iThemes Security – The plugin offers an extensive range of features that help secure your WordPress website from suspicious login attempts, brute login attacks, generating strong passwords and removing default ID on the user with ID1.

For more security, you can check out our list of best WordPress security plugins 2018 and protect your website against malware.

💡Method 3: Change Username Using phpMyAdmin

Changing the WordPress Username Using phpMyAdmin is a bit complicated task as it basically require making direct changes to the WordPress database. In cases when users do not have any other option then this method can work for you. The process involves:

  • Login to your cPanel.
  • Scroll down to the database section and click on phpMyadmin.

  • Select the database of your blog in which it is hosted.
  • You can see your WordPress database tables
  • Click on the table wp_users on the left hand side
  • Click edit on the username that you need to edit.
  • Change the user_login value as per your choice
  • Click on the Go button

how to change your wordpress username phpadmin

You are successfully done with the required changes.

💡VIDEO – Change account username

If you’ve followed along then you have successfully changed your default username to a custom one by making a few small tweaks.

Changing your WordPress admin username is not a difficult task you just carefully need to follow few steps and you are almost done. Isn’t it that easy?

And yes, Of Course, you have now made it a bit difficult for the hackers to intrude into your privacy by increasing the security of your WordPress site.

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