Which Is The Best Free Wordfence Alternative in 2024?

Wp Hacked Help is the best free Wordfence alternative

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Which is the best alternative to wordfence for wordpress security?

We will help you find a best alternative to Wordfence Security plugin. In this post, we will cover the best Wordfence alternative for WordPress that is free.

Wordfence versus WP Hacked Help, which one is the best malware scanner for wordpress websites. Wordfence and WP Hacked Help are two of the best and most popular WordPress security scanners available today.

Both are highly recommended and incredibly helpful in keeping your WordPress website secure from getting hacked from the moment you launch it. 

This is when we have to sit down and decide which security scanner we will put on our site before its launch to prevent problems later, which could come sooner rather than later if you do not install or use anything to ensure it.

Although Wordfence and WP Hacked Help have many similar features to each other, each one has its own, and that is why we stopped to create this note with the main differences and similarities so that it is easy for you to lean towards one or the other.

These two are WordPress malware scanners that consist of an antivirus and web firewall, which stops most of the threats that your site is constantly exposed to, such as malicious web requests, or insertion of codes by backdoors that may be opened accidentally or in the absence of plugins recent updates.

Which is the Best Free Wordfence Alternative?

We will organize the content as a review of which one is easier to install and use, and which one has the best proactive web protection. 

Most importantly which one better manages notifications and monitoring of what is happening with your site, and which one can better clean an already infected website? 

Both WP Hacked Help and Wordfence help you secure your WordPress site, but their approach is different. Here is a quick showdown between them:


WP Hacked Help


Pricing Starts at $89/month Starts at $99/year
Malware Removal Pricing Starts at $89/year — unlimited cleanups $179 per cleanup
Free scan Available Yes Yes
Website Integrity Scan Yes Yes
SSL Certificate scan Yes No
DDoS Attack Protection scan Yes No
Zero-Day Exploits Prevention scan Yes No
CDN for Improved Performance Yes No
Cloud-based Platform scan Yes, Remote Scanning No
Self-hosted Platform Yes Yes, Local Scanning
Live Cleanup Yes No
Early Detection Technology Yes No
24/7 Support Yes (rated 10/10 by users) Yes (poorly rated 1/10 by users)
Only pay after cleanup Yes No

That is when your website has happened to be hacked, we would, first of all, advise you to scan your WordPress to remove malware, backdoors and viruses from your server.

Finally, a security scanner that gives you what you need without installing any plugins, limits, or ridiculous prices – Unlimited features, unlimited free scans, and a user-friendly, easy-to-use malware cleanup for your site at a fraction of the price.

Why WordPress users choose WP Hacked Help over Wordfence?

  • Affordable and all-in-one.
    WP Hacked Help gives you the same features you love (like Fast Turnaround, Reliable Service, Live Updates, 24/7 Support, Detailed Analysis, Experienced Staff, and beyond) for less than one-third of the price.
  • Make faster cleanup with friction-free services.
    Forget complicated malware removal processes that cause frustration and drop-off. Our 2-step is the simplest one on the market, just paste your URL to scan and contact us to fix it.
  • A support team that’s here for you.
    What is the number one reason people cite for loving WP Hacked Help? Our customer service. We’re always here to help with real people offering chat support seven days a week.

WP Hacked Help – The Best Alternative to Wordfence?

Everything on the internet is subject to hacks at one time or another. If you have a fully functional website, then you need to ensure that it remains secure from all types of malicious codes and hacks.

Coming from the same development team, WP Hacked Help is definitely something interesting and worth your attention. What makes it even better is that it was exclusively designed for WordPress websites.

best alternative for wordfence

WP Hacked Help is the only online scanner that does not require installing any plugins or 3rd party software to your WordPress site. It provides comprehensive security services to any WordPress site. It also ensures that your site’s security is not exploited by malicious code or other vulnerabilities.

Additionally, WP Hacked Help team will also clean your site as soon as they found a malicious code or vulnerability, which can be a problem when such an error is responsible for certain damage to your site but the site must be scanned regularly.

wordfence vs wp hacked help security

So yes, WP Hacked Help is an Online WordPress Security Scanner designed especially for websites running on the WordPress platform.

It’s the only fully automated one-click hack cleaner available on the market today, which means you don’t have to wait just scan your site and contact tech support, which typically takes a few hours or less, depending on the complexity of your hack.

wordfence vs wp hacked help

WP Hacked Help uses a decisive and learning algorithm that uses data collected from cases the team has already handled and learned from it. It processes millions of signals and characteristics, to check if your site has been hacked. This feature helps identify the most complex hacks, with minimal errors. So you can be comfortable with the security of your WordPress site.

The WP Hacked Help development team has made perfect use of their skills and experience in creating this scanner, ensuring the least errors and maximum results for its users.

As a result, WP Hacked Help Malware Scanner has garnered huge praise and popularity in a relatively short period.

  • WP Hacked Help efficiently selects and recovers all suspicious files from its servers and analyzes them using its advanced set of algorithms.
  • The best thing about this scanner is that unlike other plugins and tools available in the market, it does not slow down your WordPress sites at all because this scanner is online you just need to insert your site URL there is no need to install anything.
  • Unlike other similar tools in the market, WP Hacked Help doesn’t even use signature or pattern verification.
  • WP Hacked Help efficiently processes its data and tests over 100000 signals to identify hacks over time and continues to learn from them.
  • WP Hacked Help is quick and easy. It is a fully automated one-click hack cleaner which means you can clean your site with just one click by connecting with the WP Hacked Help team.
  • WP Hacked Help has made a name for itself when it comes to precise scanning. Their team effectively identifies the most complex hacks, without failing.

WP Hacked Help: What we can detect and fix

Do you want to test your website with WP Hacked Help to see the state of its health? You can start right now, without obligation. Scan your WordPress with WP Hacked Help now.

WP Hacked Help is the best, most efficient and most accurate way to scan and detect WordPress hacks such as malicious code, hack codes, hidden Trojans, redirect hacks, pharma hacks and many more which can hide anywhere on your WordPress site and come in many forms.

No matter where its hiding place is or how complex its structure is, WP Hacked Help intelligent processing engine detects any kind of malware from your website.

Say No to False Alarm

Many website analyzer tools trigger a false alarm and put you under stress. Then when you scan, you find nothing. It can waste your time. However, if you ignore them, you may also miss notifications about any malicious code on your site.

But with WP Hacked Help, there’s no such thing as false alarms or notifications about “possible hacks.” WP Hacked Help effectively investigates these malicious codes and alerts you to legitimately malicious instances on your WordPress site.

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If your website was infected, we have “bad news”: in the free version of Wordfence you cannot clean your website using its tools, but… if you are using WP Hacked Help we have prepared a lot of tips to clean a site Infected WordPress included in this help guide.

On the contrary, if you decide to go to the premium version, a cleaning can cost you between $89 and will give you access to the premium features. Believe us, to clean WordPress it is worth using the WP Hacked Help and following the guide.


Let’s start with Wordfence. It has a free version, which is what we will present in this article, and a premium version. Fortunately, this note is not trying to sell you something, but, on the contrary, that you can take advantage of the free version.

Installing and configuring Wordfence is quite simple and it is enough to access the plugin repository within your WP Admin panel, search for it and install it alternatives to wordfence

Immediately after installing the plugin and activating it, a new section will appear within WP Admin with the title “Wordfence”, with which you can access your “Desktop” or dashboard.

As soon as you do that, you will come across a wizard that will offer you a quick tour and you will find a yellow balloon that offers you to configure some custom settings such as the type of web server and the email to which you want to receive notifications.

The plugin will activate the firewall and will begin to learn from the behavior of your visitors, and then block what does not comply with this pattern. Fortunately, this is 100% transparent, and it starts protecting you as soon as you install it.

Don’t worry about the “low” percentages in the reports, because with the rules incorporated in the free version and default settings, they are enough for more than 90% of the threats on your site.

In the following image, we are standing inside the “Firewall” or “Firewall” section within Wordfence. If this is your first time opening it, it will give you a quick tour of what’s going on.


wordfence alternative wordpress

The basic configuration of Wordfence is quite simple and does not require much user input. It may be a bit messy, but it is still a very effective plugin to protect your WordPress website.

Please note that this is an application-level firewall, which means it runs inside the website and is different than a cloud-based firewall like Cloudflare.

The most recommended thing is to have both, so if you are thinking of incorporating Wordfence into your WordPress, also consider adding Cloudflare to improve the speed and security of your site.

Wordfence is an “endpoint” firewall, that is, the last mile firewall so that in the event of an attempt to compromise your website, depending on the intensity, it will consume resources from your hosting plan.

This occurs, for example, in brute force attacks, where WordPress must reload the login page over and over again until the web firewall blocks the IP address(es) that are threatening our site.

Although Wordfence analyzes your WordPress permanently, within the “Analyze” section you will be able to carry out a deep analysis in search of malware, modified WordPress files and spam control among others. By clicking on “Start a new exploration”, you can have a general overview of how your WP is in a few minutes. If you find errors, then you can fix them with WP Hacked Help WordPress scanner.

And if we are talking about notifications, you can configure them from the settings by going to “All options” within the menu, and then to the “Email alert preferences” drop-down menu.

In this way, you can adjust the notifications to those that are of interest to you, and that Wordfence does not flood your mailbox with emails. Please note that these notifications will be sent to the email associated with your WordPress admin user.

This comes with site cleanup, site blacklisting, spam code and pothole repair, and web protection for future prevention. In fact, WP Hacked Help initiates a much more thorough cleanup than Wordfence.

How Plugins Slow Down Your WordPress Site?

There are many reasons for the general slowdown of a website. Among the main ones we can cite:

  • A database already overloaded or saturated.
  • Poorly coded or incompatible plugins (with each other or with your theme).
  • Too many plugins on a site.
  • This last point is often the cause of the slowdown of your WordPress dashboard and takes several forms: latency, increased length or a delay between each action.

Now, We will show you how to scan WordPress to detect the impact of each plugin.

Recommendation – WP Hacked Help

You cannot launch a website to the internet without a WordPress security scanner. Wordfence and WP Hacked Help are the two most popular wordpress security scanners for protecting a WordPress site.

Our verdict is that if you want to stay in the free resource arena, use WP hacked help as it will only take a few minutes, and your WordPress website will be scanned and protected from most threats lurking on the internet.  To get the most out of WP hacked help you do not need to install anything on your WordPress. You must know that every line of code you add to WordPress will increase your loading times. And all plugins slow down your site.

Dont slow down your website with more plugins

WP Hacked Help scanner offers you the right solution for all these problems. It is an online malware scanner specifically designed for WordPress websites, this tool aims to provide simple, safe and effective scanning and security for your entire website.

In WP Hacked Help you do not need to install any plugin or software.

If you liked this note, you will love our WordPress Hosting.

WP Hacked Help is constantly adding tools and features so that you spend less time on your website, and you can focus on what is important: growing your business.

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