WordPress Website Maintenance Cost & Pricing Guide 2024

WordPress Maintenance Cost

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How much does website maintenance services cost in 2024?

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How much does the monthly, annual, or hourly maintenance of a WordPress website cost in 2024? Is it possible to hire WordPress website maintenance services on an hourly/monthly basis? What are the approximate prices and rates? In this article we have answered all your queries. You will know more about WordPress maintenance services & Cost of Maintaining a WordPress Site.

These are the most common questions that are often asked by online companies and businesses that have a website and need to do regular updates and maintenance tasks, such as design retouching, changing images, registering articles or news, updating products in online stores, SEO optimizations, modify contact details, etc.

By maintaining your wordpress website, it will increase its positioning in search engines, such as Google or Bing, as well as visits and sales for your company from the Internet. Discover all its benefits and how to achieve it!

Website maintenance is an important yet not an urgent task on most people’s to-do list. So when one keeps postponing it, it may become an urgent and time-consuming task.

NOTE: Since malware attacks are on rise during COVID 19 pandemic, >10,000 WordPress sites are getting hacked daily. You need to be proactive to safe guard your website.

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⚡️ What Does WordPress Website Maintenance means?

Are You An WordPress Agency?

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When we buy something new, we want to keep it, keep it and work smoothly to get all its benefits, right? A car, a house, a mobile phone.

The same thing happens in our business with the assets that our company has: offices and facilities, computers and electrical devices, company vehicles, production machinery, advertising media, etc. You get the idea, right?

Well, exactly the same thing happens with web pages; Nowadays nobody doubts the need to maintain any web page, through a periodic web maintenance service.

A web page is never finished; It must continually be maintained, updated and improved to provide an effective response at all times to any visit that may lead to a phone call, a sale and a customer.

Because, whatever your company may be and it belongs to any sector, you cannot deny that, if you want to have options for a visit to your website to return, contact your company, and end up buying your product or service, you will have to give them several reasons of more weight than your competition, right?

Through your website, you must offer information about your company as well as your products and services. That is clear, right? But if, in addition, you offer the visitor an experience tailored to their needs, with quality content, fresh and frequently updated, we will achieve, apart from a better positioning in Google, convince them, return, end up contacting your company and end up becoming a client.

Need of Website Maintenance

What is the Need of Website Maintenance?

Each company is a world, with its own needs and business objectives according to its Internet strategy, but the most common needs when it comes to maintaining the website tend to be:

Why you should go for monthly WordPress maintenance?

Benefits of Monthly Website Maintenance?

With full connectivity between companies with web pages and users on the Internet, it is most likely that a potential client of your company will meet you on the Internet and visit your website before directly contacting your company and, surely, keep in mind the other browser tabs open your competitor’s web pages!

Faced with this situation, and with the level of competition that exists in almost any commercial sector, you can accept that your website is not perfect, but you cannot accept that it is not fully prepared for its comfortable use by any type of user and device (computer, tablet, mobile, etc.) in addition to offering well-structured, quality and fully updated content.

Your website should be extremely easy to navigate and quickly provide the information that the user is looking for at that moment.

If your company’s website does not currently offer this, you are losing credibility with potential customers; you are not giving the professional image they expect. This fact together with that, surely, your competition is offering a good experience through its website, which will cause your potential client to close your website and focus on your competitor’s website. You just lost a possible sale; Your website is more of an obstacle to your business than decisive commercial help.

Both in this case and in the many other possible ones, which I see every day when analyzing web pages of users and potential clients, maintaining the web correctly would bring several benefits and solutions to these problems!

Mainly for:

  • Guarantee the stability of the web against changes and updates to the hosting server and the web system itself.
  • Secure the web with total security against any type of attack by a hacker, virus, or malware.
  • Achieve full compatibility with new different devices, mobile phones, and web browsers.
  • Improve the positioning of the website in Internet search engines.
  • Increase visits by potential customers to the company’s website.
  • Updating content to reflect at all times the reality of a modern and living company.
  • Be up to date with the latest technology and trends in web design and digital marketing actions.

Why Should You Start Maintaining Your Website Today?

What all of this is trying to say is that there’s no getting around WordPress website maintenance costs. But there’s good news. This isn’t some useless service that you’re paying by expecting nothing in return. There are huge gains that come from keeping a website well-maintained. Perhaps after reading all this, you are still wondering about the real benefits for your company and why hire a company to maintain the website. Can be? In that case, we remind you:

  • You will save money; it is much more expensive to hire someone on staff, even part-time, than the price of maintaining and updating the website that a specialized company can request.
  • You will save more money since you do not have to buy computers, programs, or licenses to do these tasks.
  • You will save space in the office, since the experts in this Webmaster service work from our own office.
  • You will save time; in this way, you can focus on your work and tasks without wasting time “fighting” with your website.
  • You will save headaches; Because, without knowledge or experience in updating the website, it can cause more than one.
  • And you will earn, you will earn a lot: more visibility on the Internet, more visits from potential customers, more sales, more return on investment, etc.

Having said all this, surely you are now thinking about hiring a company to maintain your website, right? Well, to say goodbye, let me remind you that at  we are specialists in maintaining, updating, and improving web pages, virtual stores and Internet campaigns, since 2003.

How Do You Know if Your Website Needs Maintenance?

Many companies ask us if it is really necessary to maintain their website. Next, we are going to expose all the possible scenarios, there you can analyze what your situation is and you can decide if it is mandatory to maintain your website. Then we will explain the different maintenance contracting formats so that you know which one best suits your company.

We are going to give you some indications so that you can find out if your website really needs maintenance according to the type of page.

Maintaining HTML Static Small Website

In principle you do not need maintenance because the content of the page does not change, it is always the same. There is no database on this type of page, only files in the web directory. In this case, we only advise you to have a backup downloaded to your computer in case “something” happens someday with your server.

Maintaining Dynamic HTML website

This scenario is not seen very often although we have some clients in this situation. These are websites designed in HTML but where content needs to be modified very occasionally. This content must be modified by hand, editing HTML because there is no content manager or database. In this case, it is best to hire a punctual hourly service or hourly maintenance.

If the number of interventions was very regular, it would be advisable to pay a flat-rate monthly fee. Realize that every time the content of your website is modified, a backup should be made to always have the latest version of the content on your site.

Maintaining Large WordPress Site

In this case, without a doubt, you should perform web maintenance. Even if you don’t touch your WordPress site, don’t update it, don’t change content, a WordPress installation left to its own devices will be a source of problems sooner or later. WordPress is a complex environment, it uses HTML, PHP and databases. It also consists of hundreds of modules made by different programmers who are constantly publishing new versions to correct errors and security gaps.

An abandoned WordPress page will either stop working or be hacked, it is a matter of time. Our recommendation is that you do a maintenance-oriented to update the theme, plugins and the core of WordPress.

When performing web maintenance, we must differentiate between technical and content maintenance.

The technical maintenance is to monitor and update the server, the CMS and its modules, check every so often the page is active, backup, antihacking and safety, etc. Technical maintenance requires regular, daily, weekly and monthly action.

On the other hand, we have content maintenance that is aimed at publishing content or updating existing ones. The frequency of this service depends on how often content is generated and published.

WordPress Website Maintenance Checklist

This checklist provides you with a list of essential tasks that we perform as part of the Maintenance Service to ensure that your site is up-to-date and performs optimally at all times. This procedure results in an improvement in your site for the visit of your users and search engines, it also ensures that your site is constantly monitored and that it is safe from all malicious attacks that “swarm” around the network.

Uptime: Verification that the site is working. If uptime is crucial, you can enable SMS notifications from monitoring services like Uptime Robot, WordPress Monitoring Plugin, or Super Monitoring.

BackUp:  Verify that your hosting provider has made the daily backup of the WordPress database and files.

Daily security report: We monitor the security of the website by generating an email with a daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly status report according to customer specifications.

Comment Moderation:  We inform you of any comments in your moderation queue and remind you to check your spam list for false positives. If you get a lot of feedback, you should do this daily.

Updates: We update WordPress along with its plugins and template if new versions are available.

Malware scan: We scan your site for any infected files or malware.

Visual inspection: We visually inspect your website and check for design or formatting issues in different web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. We view your site from a mobile device and a tablet to make sure it looks good and responds well.

We verify backups: We make sure your backup files go where they are intended and are ready in case you need a restore. You don’t want to find out that your backup strategy breaks the day you need it most!

Analytics: We are logged into Google Analytics and we generate an automatic report for you to be informed.

Change passwords: We proceed to change the password of the administrative area with a prior report and consent on your part and we request a password change to the other users if there are any. Ideally, make it difficult for hackers and use strong passwords.

Minimize administrator users: We remove unnecessary users in addition to the administrator (and we delete the default administrator username). Hacked administrator accounts can cause the most damage to your site, so we minimize their number.

Remove unused plugins and themes: We disable and/or remove all unnecessary plugins and themes. Unnecessary plugins increase the overhead of your website and the risk of vulnerabilities.

Delete unnecessary files: Website clutter can hide vulnerabilities. We search for unnecessary files in your wp-content folder and browse through your media library to remove any unnecessary images, videos and audio files. We make a backup before deleting anything!

Identify broken links: You don’t want your visitors to receive a “Page not found” error when clicking on a link. We find any broken links using link verification tools like Broken Link Checker or Link Checker.

Verify the contact form: We verify your form automatically by sending a message using the contact form on your website and making sure you receive it.

Optimize your database: We delete unnecessary elements from the database. Then we optimize your database by executing plugins like WP-Optimize, Optimize Database and after removing them we use Revisions or WP-DB Manager.

Speed ​​audit: We use Pingdom or Google PageSpeed ​​Insights to see how fast your site loads. If it takes more than five seconds, we inform you to consider expanding caching and other measures to speed up your site. Slow sites lose visitors and search rankings.

Review of your “About” page: We identify on your “About” page anything that needs to be updated such as your contact details, profile picture, mission statement, testimonials, etc.

Template and plugin review We are looking for new plugins that exceed the ones you are currently using. We check if your widgets work correctly and if they are the right ones for your needs.

Impartial review of your site:  We carry it out by someone from our team who is impartial and does not know your website. Explore your website to find problems we have overlooked.

Update global data:  Like the copyright date in your footer.

Webmaster tools:  With Google Webmaster Tools we analyze the website to find and resolve error messages.

DIY Website Maintenance Cost

DIY is the cheapest option if you have the bandwidth for doing it, that is, if

It is the only website you have to do the maintenance of

  • It is your primary job
  • You enjoy doing it

On a closer look when you look at the actual cost of maintaining a website, DIY does not remain an ideal solution.

Cost Of Ongoing WordPress Site maintenance

After knowing the Cost of Maintaining a WordPress Site DIY , an alternative to consider is outsourcing .

Take a look at some figures:

Yellow Objects estimates:

“The cost associated with a yearly maintenance contract comes to approximately 15-20% of the cost for the development, or to put it in figures, a low-end estimate cost ranging between USD 1500 to USD 3000.”

SEO pro in Moz Q&A estimates:

“It’s all about budget. For some 2,500 might be ok since they make 100 times more than [sic] that with the site so paying a fee of over 2k it’s [sic] not a problem. For some 250 might be very good, ok or way over budget. Price is always very subjective.”

You can expect cost to be anywhere between $49, $100 to $200 per month. A custom-built website is costly to maintain. This is because the website maintenance company needs to do more manual work to manage your site.

What Options Are There to Maintain Your Website?

Each WordPress maintenance services agency has its own system of web maintenance fees as well as the service contracting process.

Having said this, it is also true that the price of maintaining a web page is customary to calculate based on the expected time needed to carry out all the tasks required for the proper functioning of the web page, as well as maintaining and updating it according to the needs that have the client with its website.

Once you have an idea of ​​the time required to maintain the website, as a client you can request a web maintenance service on time or periodically, by contracting a periodic web maintenance plan, for example monthly.

The option of periodic and monthly website maintenance is highly recommended since, with this, highly proactive service is offered by the provider and with which greater benefits are obtained from maintaining the website.

Average Monthly Website Maintenance Fees & Prices

See breakdown of Costs & Pricing for WordPress maintenance services below. In addition to that, for best experience, a service provider must include the following as a part of their website maintenance pricing

Breakdown Of WordPress Website Maintenance Cost Monthwise

Type of Website Monthly Website Maintenance Cost
Personal Website $25 /mo
Professional Blog Upto $75 /mo
Small Business Website Upto $100 /mo
SMB Business Website Upto $500 /mo
Corporate Website Upto $3500 /mo
Web Application Upto $2500 /mo
Custom Business Website Upto $4500 /mo
Ecommerce Website Upto $2500 /mo
Custom Ecommerce Website $2000 to $5000 /mo

In Addition to Maintenance Services

Website Maintenance Service Monthly website maintenance pricing
Domain Name Upto $1
SSL Certificate Upto $125
Website Hosting Upto $835
General Website Upkeep Upto $105
CMS Upto $3,500
Tech Support Upto $3000
Website Analytics Reports Upto $15
Ecommerce System Maintenance Upto $25

The monthly fee for a maintenance service usually includes a series of regular tasks: WordPress security & Malware removal, backups and updates if it is a CMS such as WordPress, Joomla or Prestashop.

In some cases, this service usually includes an hour a month to carry out work on the page at the customer’s request. This price per hour should be cheaper than if you were hiring single hours.

Normally this type of fee is associated with a permanence that can be 3 months, 6, or a year. Permanence should allow monthly hours to be somewhat cheaper for the client.

The price of monthly maintenance should be around 30 dollars upwards. If I had two hours a month it could be around 60 or 70 dollars.

Annual Web Maintenance Cost Prices and Rates

Normally, annual maintenance is not usually contracted since it would imply paying a very high amount at once. Assuming that we contract maintenance of $ 50 / month, we would have to pay $ 600 when contracting the service since maintenance is usually paid in advance.

When an annual payment is usually made, it is when the web hosting is hired, there it makes more sense because they are smaller amounts.

Hourly Website Maintenance Services Prices & Costs

In certain cases, such as those explained above, it is convenient to contract individual hours, on time, through bonuses or hour packages.

The price of an hour in installments is usually cheaper than the hourly price, it is reasonable.

The prices that are handled in this sense should be from 25 dollars upwards, depending on the quality of the service. We think it is important to highlight the quality because many times we only think about an economic and cheap price, without taking into account other important factors.

If a very cheap web programmer touches our website incorrectly, it can create a technical, SEO positioning or security problem. For us, the term quality is a combination of Years of experience, agility, creativity to find solutions and desire to do things well.

Paying a monthly fee is interesting when the client has regular work to offer to the programmer who will be in charge of maintaining their website, while punctual or hourly payment is of interest when the tasks to be carried out are sporadic.

Other Types of Maintenance: Hosting, Email, and Domains

It happens to us very often that some clients hire us not because they need to maintain the website, but because they maintain everything related to hosting, emails and domains. Managing all this requires technical knowledge and for a business or company, there is nothing more comfortable than delegating it to a professional to take care of it all.

We offer WordPress maintenance services and we make sure that the website is in the best possible conditions. We do the same with email accounts and domain management.

In the end, what a company or business needs is support, someone to trust who will take care of all the technical aspects related to the Internet.


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