WordPress Site Cleanup & Security Audit Services For K-12 school, Universities

Innovation in Security for K-12 School & Uni WordPress Sites

WP Hacked Help has started offering K-12 site audit and site cleaning service for publicly funded state schools and universities in the US. This is one of the ways that we’re giving back to the community.

WP Hacked Help, A top rated WordPress security & malware removal service, is announcing effective & immediate offering free WordPress site cleanup and security audit services to K-12 public schools in the United States.

Whether a site is infected with malware, or you are looking for an expert analyst to audit your website security , our WordPress security team is available to help.

With more students and teachers remotely connecting for education, the need for website security awareness has increased multiple times in 2021. Malware infected websites pose a significant risk to students, teachers, parents and administrators.

These risks include :

– WordPress Hacked

Drupal Site Hacked

Prestashop Hacked

 SEO Spam WordPress

WordPress SQL injection

 WordPress .htaccess hacked

– WooCommerce Site Hacked

– IndoXploit WordPress Hack

WordPress Pharma Hacking

– WordPress Malware Redirect Hack

– Malicious Code Injection WordPress

Japanese Keyword Hack WordPress

WordPress eval (base64_decode) PHP Hack

To see if your K12 WordPress website has security problems or was attacked by a malware. You can do quick scans on common problems like Spam, mis-configurations, malware, etc.

Our WordPress security audit refers to a comprehensive analysis of the source code of your website. During the tests, in addition to the analysis tools, we use the OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) methodology for our penetration tests.

The purpose of this IT security audit is to discover possible security vulnerabilities upstream and identify vulnerabilities in the information system. And in the future, put in place a cyber-resilience strategy against hacker threats.

Obviously, internet users prefer to engage with websites that are secure and risk-free. The higher the engagement, the greater the risk of data breach.

The chances of a school or university website hacking are quite high and we can’t ignore the fact to ensure the website security at the earliest. Waiting until the day they get hacked, or even worse be the victim of cyber blackmail would not be a wise step.

Our process for a security audit:

  1. CMS update
  2. Examine the internal structure of the site
  3. Identify source codes and technologies
  4. Test site performance

Deliverable: Audit report in PDF format on the technical aspects of your site and our expertise with recommendations on changes to be made.

Now that your main core is maximized, it’s time to push your search engine presence. Complete your technical audit, add to it an SEO marketing audit and a user experience audit to make it a complete website audit!

What is a WordPress website security audit?

A web security audit is a study that must always be carried out by a professional in the field, since the systems, the platform and the network have to be analyzed, in order to identify the vulnerabilities that can attack our website.

Once the results have been obtained, a series of procedures and actions must be detailed that must be carried out as soon as possible as a preventive measure to protect and reinforce security.

Why audit your k-12 school WordPress website?

Many public schools invest money in the development of a website. With the intention that the site looks good and is practical for students. They also ensure that it is optimized and secure from various security threats.

But something that they forget and that is necessary after web design, are security audits. If you are not sure of the importance of this, we will give you several reasons why you should do them periodically.

You can detect if your public school website has vulnerabilities and correct them before you have a more serious problem.

  • Give greater security to the data of your website and of your users.
  • You guarantee privacy.
  • You avoid wasting money fixing the problems that vulnerabilities can cause.
  • You avoid the risks of website failure.

 Site Cleaning and Security Audit Service For K-12 Schools in US

Our process for Academic website cleaning & malware removal is very transparent and highly effective.

  • The search for vulnerabilities

We audit all the pages of your website, looking for all the vulnerabilities that we know of (SQL injection, Cross Site Scripting, SSL audit, etc.).

  • A tailor-made audit

Each audit is unique: we adapt and choose our hacking techniques according to the architecture of your website.

  • Risk assessment

For each vulnerability found, we give an assessment of its impact.

  • Experience

Our experts have more than 15 years of experience in the field of website security auditing.

  • Blackhat hacking

Our audits are carried out in the strictest legal framework.

  • A budget adapted to your needs

We work on a fixed price basis. No extra cost, no surprise

How to approach us for monthly and yearly plans?

After receiving your request, we will ask you for additional information to verify that the site cleanup or site audit is for an academic website. Do not send your credentials until we request them. We will provide you with a secure form, encrypted with military-grade security, to which you can give access.

Our team of trained and highly trained security experts will get to work.

Request a free website audit for K-12 schools websites

Our team will validate your security posture and identify vulnerabilities before attackers can find them. This 59-point inspection covers all aspects of a secure WordPress site. A site security audit report includes detailed recommendations to keep your site secure in the future. The process usually takes around 4-6 hours, but may take longer for some installations.

The process usually takes around 4-6 hours, but may take longer for some installations.

Audit compatible with the fight against coronavirus for the safety of schools

  • Audit carried out remotely by the Internet.
  • Dematerialized audit report in PDF format.
  • Defense and support by phone.


Same Day Service – We Start Right Away

Guaranteed and Proof of Clean Website

Detailed Scan of all Website Files

Removal of all Infected Files

Perform Security Enhancements

Blacklist Removal if Needed


Google Blacklist
Google SERP Warnings
Pharma Hacks
SEO Spam Injections
Phishing Files
Malicious Redirects

You can add additional sites that you need cleaned and save $ per site. If you only need one site cleaned leave this alone. If you need multiple sites clean, please select the amount below.

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