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Why You Need A WordPress Security Service?
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What makes us one of the Best WordPress security services in 2020?

In 2021, You have probably read three things about the security of websites. First, security is really important. Second, security is often overlooked. And thirdly, security is often addressed in its broad sense, but never in detail. In 2024, we bring wordpress security malware removal & cleanup to a whole new level.

WordPress Security Stats

You might not know that 90,978 hack attempts are made on WordPress websites every single minute. This pushes us to think how secure my WordPress is? Is My WordPress Hacked or infected with a malware? and whether you should use WordPress security service or not?

On average, 18.5 million websites are infected with malware at any given time. The average website gets attacked 44 times per day. Of the roughly 30,000 websites that get hacked each day, 83% of them are using WordPress. An average website is attacked 44 times every day, which includes both WordPress and non-WordPress websites. 

  • 52% Vulnerabilities occur in WordPress plugins, which includes woocommerce
  • 37% Vulnerabilities occur in core WordPress
  • 11% Vulnerabilities occur in WordPress themes”

To understand if you need a WordPress security service which may include removing malware from wordpress site or cleanup, we must first understand what sort of security does WordPress requires.

In this article, we will discuss about various security solutions in detail and understand the Importance of WordPress malware removal Service. Also know more about how to choose best WordPress security & malware removal service provider in 2024 and what you should expect from them.

? Why You Need A WordPress Security Service?

The WordPress security services protects your brand’s reputation and customer benefit. Small WordPress blogs and business sites are no exception; Hackers take advantage of the opportunity to steal traffic, data, and server resources. Monitoring and defending a website is much easier than handling a hacked website.

The idea of ​​a secure WordPress site has always been a best practice on the web. Many organizations have implemented it many years ago. WordPress security is becoming increasingly important to the various stakeholders of the web, including Google. Internet users who are more and more informed are also paying attention.

Website security protects your visitors and your small business website from hack attempts, malware infections and other WordPress vulnerabilities which crop up in plugins from time to time eg: Recently we saw spike in WordPress plugins getting exploited such as WordPress Yellow Pencil Plugin Exploit, Vulnerability In Social Warfare, Vulnerability in WordPress Easy WP SMTP Plugin.

Hackers have been abusing compromised WordPress websites by injecting malware leading to Japanese keywords spam, WordPress redirect malware, XSS Attack, Web Shell Exploits, eval base64_decode Hack, and malicious code injects.

Website Security For Small Business has become a major Concern in 2024 so we need to keep visitors and web content secure by preventing vulnerability exploitation, and DDoS attacks.

? Provide a secure experience for users

As described above, you can offer an online experience that does not compromise the data that customers can provide you with online information request or transaction forms. If you only have one field to take user emails for your newsletter, you may not need an SSL certificate.

However, if you collect important information that you use to process orders or create lists of potential customers with sensitive personal data, you must implement the HTTPS. If you want to sell your products or services online, it’s mandatory. The general public no longer leaves their payment information on unsecured sites. Check out our extensive guide on ecommerce security threats.

? HTTPS As A Ranking Factor

Did you know that having a secure https site is a ranking factor for Google search engine since 2014? Depending on your competition, it may be a good idea to see what number of sites has an HTTPs. It’s an easy way to get authority from Google’s search engine.

HTTP to HTTPS migration to make the transition of your WordPress site as seamless as possible. As some of you may know, Google has worked hard to achieve its goal of getting everyone on a safer website. For WordPress site owners, it’s always good to be proactive and must follow these WordPress Website Maintenance Tasks & WordPress security checklist. With new protocols, the benefits of SEO & Security, and even more accurate reference data, there has never been a better time to migrate to HTTPS.

⚠️ Malware monitoring

Malware is a program designed to disrupt or alter the operation of computer systems. They typically take the form of viruses, trojans, spyware, WordPress ransomware, WordPress Phishing attack,? backdoors or pirate administrator kits. They cause billions of dollars in losses every year, they reduce productivity and they ruin small businesses.

Malware monitoring can track malware to contain and eradicate it. This can be done in different ways. Among other things, by behavioral analysis, which consists of identifying the actions of malicious software and distinguishing them from those of a benign software. Reputation checks are another way of comparing requests from external pages with the reputation of services to determine if they are reliable.

There is also the heuristic analysis, which is a method of analysis of the pages which makes it possible to locate the common attacks by JavaScript. And, of course, there is antivirus software.

? Vulnerability Assessment

One of the ways to test your defense is to ask someone to attack you. That’s exactly what the concept of a vulnerability assessment is. The security services tries to find the best ways to defeat your defenses and then provides you with a detailed report. Then, it only remains to strengthen your defense from the gaps identified. These evaluations can be automated or manual.

Standard firewall or web application firewall

A firewall is like a security guard. It monitors and controls the traffic that enters then leaves your network and enforces security rules. A firewall is a bare minimum to ensure the security of a network.

Web application firewalls (WAFs) differ from regular firewalls. They monitor, filter and block traffic to and from a web application by inspecting HTTP traffic. They prevent attacks from Web applications, such as file inclusion, cross-site scripting, and SQL command injection attacks. [Also ReadWordPress Virtual Hardening & WAF ]

Reduced Attacks by DDOS

A denial of service attack (DDOS) occurs when an attacker uses a large network of compromised systems (i.e. a botnet) to flood requests with a single target to affect availability.

DDOS attacks are inexpensive to produce and hard to shut down, making them a weapon of choice for hackers, cybercriminals and even computer-savvy young thugs.

Reducing attacks by DDOS is a service that helps protect you from such attacks. It starts by identifying normal traffic patterns, distinguishing between user and bots behavior.

Then, this service filters bots using tools such as rate limiting, deep packet inspection, and blacklisting. Learn more about the WordPress DDOS attack.

Why Use a WordPress Security Plugin?

It can be tricky to ensure security of your WP site, especially if you’re not a WordPress expert. But with the help of best WordPress security plugin, you keep your site secure without getting into the technicalities.

A good WordPress security plugin comes with the following features:

  • Firewall: To monitor traffic on your website and filter out vulnerable bots.
  • Scanner: To Scan your website for malware infections on a regular basis
  • Fixes: A good security plugin guarantees WordPress malware removal.

Using a WordPress security plugin can protect your WordPress site from malware, brute force attacks, and other kind of hacks such as WordPress Pharma Hack, WordPress .htaccess hack, IndoXploit WordPress Hack, WordPress XSS Attack, Japanese keyword spam & other Gibberish Keywords Hack.

Best WordPress Security Plugins to Lock out hackers (2024)

Depending on the size and importance of your website (and just how much peace of mind you’re after), it’s well worth giving site security some serious attention.

There are so many different security plugins available. How can you know which one is the best WordPress security plugin? You can just review the ones that I’ve listed below. For more options, you can go here for complete list of Best WordPress Security Plugins of 2024.

✅ How to Choose Best WordPress Security Services in 2024?

We’d like to wake you up to ask questions from potential security providers. Some may have simple preferences, others have greater concerns, such as hidden charges.

Let’s start with a topic that is related to choosing a WordPress Security Service, or, WordPress malware removal service.

Your site is infected and time is essential. What do you need to ask your security provider before you release your payment and FTP information?

Features To Look For In A WordPress Security Provider in 2024.

There are plenty of WordPress security plugins to choose from, and that is why we thought of listing down the features that an ideal security solution should have.

✅ Speed and Performance Optimization.

It is important to consider how a website security system can affect performance. Fortunately, a large number of website firewalls is a content delivery network (CDN) that stores your site copies in multiple locations to ensure faster global access. These performance options allow visitors to access a cached version of your website stored in different locations so your website is faster and more secure.

✅ Backup Plan for the Disaster.

To make sure your site is available, it is crucial to have a backup plan. Even if your site is secure, an incorrect configuration or error can lead to data loss. Only a backup can save you if your custom files are replaced or changed. The site’s security provider can provide secure remote storage, automatic backup, and easy recovery. Read more on – How to Backup WordPress Database Manually & With Plugins?

✅ Compatibility and Deployment.

Make sure that any website security provider you choose is compatible with your CMS and server software. This also includes concerns about server resources and bandwidth allocation. Ideally, you should understand what you are getting into when it comes to deployment and activation.

✅ Prevent a Future Hack

Regardless of size, we recognize that small businesses need to take the help of website security provider to protect their assets from cyber criminals. Here you can find an ultimate wordpress security checklist for this purpose.

Other things we can do :

✅ Attack protection

A website security system should include methods for detecting and preventing attacks, including signature and behavioural analysis. You may want to ask website security providers for false positives/negatives rates, how often it prevents zero-day vulnerabilities, bandwidth limitations, and the number of global presence points (PoP).

✅ Level of Customer support.

Ask for a response time that you can expect from your site’s security provider in an emergency. Consider if you need customization, installation, or troubleshooting. Read reviews or see a preview of customer experience.

✅ SSL support and tracking.

If your site already has SSL/HTTPS, make sure that the website firewall supports the existing certificate. A good monitoring system can also tell you if the SSL records change.

✅ Required personalization.

If your site requires custom rules, load balancing, or high availability, discuss this with your WordPress security services provider. You may also want to ask for uptime guarantees, the whitelisting and blacklisting as well as any advanced security settings.

✅ WordPress monitoring and malware detection

A good website tracking system will consistently monitor your site’s activity logs and content changes. Learn about potential vendors’ alert and reporting options. Ask whether they offer remote controls and server-side scanners if they can keep track of DNS records, core files and changes to SSL certificates.

✅ Industrial research.

There is a constant effort to stay ahead of the rise of cyber attacks. Malware Analysis and Vulnerability Research should be important for all website security providers. It is also good to know if the company specializes in your site’s software or CMS.

✅ Page Speed.

When you activate a website firewall, most service providers offer CDN, cache, and compression that can be fine-tuned to your site’s needs. These performance options allow visitors to access your site’s cache that is stored in different locations to make your site faster and safer.

✅ Logging and reporting.

Exploring a security incident is easier with detailed logs and audit trails. Discuss with website security vendors, how reports are sent and be available, and what steps the security team will take.

✅ The total costs.

Price is always a factor. There may be hidden costs and unexpected charges, not to mention upgrades and new services. This is especially true for malware removal services. Make sure the plan covers support, features, and bandwidth.

? Types of clean-ups automatic or manual?

Many website security companies use bots to clean some (or all of them). In our case, the WordPress Malware scanner bot will make a quick pass, clean up the obvious malware, then give it to the live analyst for in-depth cleaning.

This is important because a lot of malware cannot be repaired automatically and it requires proper WordPress Malware checklist to be followed in order to cleanup a hacked WordPress site and fix hacked WordPress with accuracy.

? Is there any additional charges for complex cleaning?

There are website infections that need to be analyzed thoroughly. What happens if you choose a company that only offers automatic cleaning with no human analyst to help?

You can get locked for a year and eventually pay extra for manual cleaning. At WP Hacked Help, we have plans that include unrestricted cleaning requests for a year, continuous monitoring, scanning and a firewall to prevent malware reinfection.

It is important to know this because if you clean the domain [.] Com and not yourawesomedomain [.] Com available on the same server, opportunities are another domain will reinfect the first site. This is called cross-site contamination.

Here at WP Hacked Help, we charge per site. We do not charge additional bandwidth, pages, or complex cleaning requests. See our Pricing.

Our guides provide additional help in preventing or repairing your own website from attacks. Our customers get long term benefits from us over the years as we follow up regularly with them.

Top WordPress Security & Malware Removal Services

Why Choose WP Hacked Help?

Our security platform provides a complete security stack which made us a leader in security, you have to do things differently. Driven by the mission of protecting WordPress websites on the Internet, our customers benefit from industry-leading technology.

We are available 24X7 to help you solve any problem related to WordPress Malware Removal, reliable performance and world-class customer experience. Our highly skilled WordPress experts clean up each site manually and scan the files for vulnerabilities and compromised data.

We can also fix all kinds of common wordpress errors such as  –

Additionally, we set up your WordPress installation to automatically update all WordPress core files, plugins, and scan WordPress themes so your site will remain secure moving forward.


? What makes us one of the Best WordPress security services in 2024?

We offers unique information on our AWARD WINNING WordPress security blog which is helping millions of website owners and developers protect their small business sites.

This has earned us press and media endorsements from leading media, industry blogs and cybersecurity journalists.

Our Mission – Provide Safe WordPress Environment:

Our live WordPress Malware Removal Service ensures that your websites are repaired as quickly as possible.

We are following necessary steps to achieve this goal:

  • Utilize sandboxing to detonate suspicious samples; coordinate with Web Security Service to delay file delivery until analysis is complete
  • Increasing employee productivity by allowing protected access to uncategorized or potentially risky sites
  • Increase business productivity by giving employees access to a broader set of websites
  • Secure web browsing for executives and privileged users with access to sensitive information
  • Leverage advanced scanning as well as inline,real-time file blocking to combat threats.

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