How To Fix WordPress 5.5 jQuery Migrate & JavaScript Issues?


WordPress 5.5 jQuery Issues

With its latest update to WordPress 5.5, the company discontinued support for JQuery Migrates. It appears to have broken hundreds of thousands of websites in less than two weeks.

Another issue with the handling theme pagination was that it caused some websites to crash after upgrading to 5.5.

Are you looking for a solution to fix jquery issues on WordPress 5.5. This article will guide you through the steps for Resolving a jQuery Conflict as well as javascript errors/problems caused by upgrading site to wordpress 5.5.

Many website developers are indeed affected by this problem and in the days to come, we will hear much more complaining.

Two related issues after updating to WordPress 5.5 are possibly affecting thousands of websites. Here we see how to solve them.

One of the reasons is that WP 5.5 deprecated support for jQuery Migrate, which may have caused at least 50,000 broken sites. An issue with the way themes handle paging is causing other sites to break after upgrading to version 5.5.

Troubleshooting WordPress 5.5 Update

One of the ways to troubleshoot a problem is to use the Chrome Developer Console. You can access the console by clicking the F12 button in Windows.

The other way to access the console is to click on the vertical three-dot menu in the upper right corner and choose More Tools then Developer Tools.

Here is a screenshot of the error:


When you click on the file, you get another screen with the error. You can then click on the red X icon and a pop-up window will display the jQuery Migrate error.


Error After Updating To WordPress 5.5: Jquery Migrate

You have already seen the news that WordPress 5.5 brings, most of them quite obvious and visible to users.

But the truth is that the news of the WordPress 5.5 update has been pretty bad for many web pages, developers, and website administrators.

This is because this update has implemented a substantial internal change, which has caused problems in many places. We are referring to the deactivation of the tool called jQuery Migrate.

What is jQuery Migrate?

If you are related to the world of web design, surely you know the jQuery library. Like jQuery, jQuery Migrate is a JavaSCript library that for years has allowed plugin and theme developers to use outdated jQuery code.

What it does, in short, is allow the use of obsolete code regardless of the version of jQuery installed by default in WordPress. In this way, the developers of themes and plugins could not worry and use the version of jQuery of WordPress that they considered appropriate. But this does not make much sense in a system that is constantly updated in which it is always sought to have the latest resources.

Despite having outdated code, part of many web pages worked thanks to jQuery Migrate. This has caused that, after its deactivation, many web pages have gone “crazy” or do not work correctly.

Why has WordPress 5.5 removed jQuery Migrate?

Well, because, as we mentioned, WordPress is constantly updated. Therefore, it is necessary that the resources they use are also updated.

To make the change and completely remove jQuery Migrate and its components, the WordPress development team defined a change in 3 phases, of which removing the jQuery Migrate tool is the first.

  1. Remove the previous version of jQuery Migrate to force developers to update their outdated code.
  2. Update the jQuery version included in WordPress from 1.4.1 to 1.9+
  3. Update the version of jQuery Migrate included in WordPress to allow jQuery versions from 1.12.4 to 3.5+.

jQuery Migrate Errors in WordPress 5.5 – Causes

The cause for JavaScript may differ for some publishers. For some, the main cause is older plugins and for the rest, the problem is older WordPress.

The screenshot above reported a critical bug to WordPress that will avert publishers from publishing articles and featuring images.

The publisher reported:

The voice was raised against the JavaScript for their last update which is considered to be a complete disaster according to the publisher. He utilized the classic editor plugin since the block editor is a full mess, and at the moment it does not work anymore because of the update. It was only for him to edit in HTML mode and not in visual!

The publisher attempted to publish his last article in the block editor, but impossible to add a featured image, he has a white page with “Featured image” title showing on the top and that is all.”

The older plugin was the main source of the trouble that was completely dependent on jQuery Migrate Library to function. As soon as WordPress removed the library, the plugin stopped working instantly.

The issues that caused mayhem was not really the fault of WordPress. The inconvenience was caused by an older and outdated plugin.

There were queries related to WordPress 5.5 of sites losing functionality which was experienced by   Stack Overflow forum.

The help was required by the publisher regarding a problem that occurred by an outdated theme that is experiencing a loss of dropdown menu and slider functionality.


The issue was mainly caused because of older JavaScript in an outdated WordPress theme.

WordPress 5.5 Pagination Error

Upgrading to WordPress is causing pagination to fail on some sites.

Pagination is a reference to the navigation page numbers at the bottom of a multi-page document, usually in a category section of a website. Pagination is part of the navigation structure and helps us navigate between the page lists by grouping them.

An official bug report on this issue was submitted to WordPress.

What is happening is that there is a conflict in the use of the word ” page “. WordPress uses it for pagination but only with a numeric value. and the topics are using the word ” page ” with additional non-numeric values.

It should only have a numeric value and should not be used for any other purpose, for example,? Page = offers & id = xxx. So I would recommend changing this variable in any custom code to another name to avoid conflicts.

As another possible workaround, you can disable the redirect_canonical () function for these requests, which is attached to the template_redirect action by default ”.

“It is out of date for now and can be fixed by using” mypage = “instead of” page = “in the query string.”

Fix Pagination Error after Upgrading to WordPress 5.5

This function is really powerful and versatile, but it has a problem: it overwrites the original WordPress query damaging the pagination (depending on the plugin we use for it).

That is, if you have something like this:

query_posts ( ‘cat = 8’ ) ;

Or something like this:

query_posts (  array (  ‘cat’  =>  8  )  ) ;

For many pages that you advance within your pagination, you will always see the same entries.

To solve this we must reset the pagination in the new query that query_posts performs with this code:

query_posts (  array (  ‘cat’  =>  8 ,  ‘paged’  => get_query_var ( ‘paged’ )  )  ) ;

And if the above doesn’t work for you, try this:

query_posts (  array (  ‘cat’  =>  8 ,  ‘paged’  => get_query_var ( ‘page’ )  )  ) ;

You can also check the Codex for more information about the query_posts () function .

How to Fix jQuery Migrate Error in WordPress 5.5?

The user can check out the latest plugin update If the plugin is using an older JavaScript file. In any case, if the update is a year longer or more than that, you should forage for any other plugin which has been recently updated.

The older plugins which are neglected and are no longer required can cause a serious security risk. It is extremely beneficial to utilize the updated version of the plugin.

To restore the jQuery Migrate JavaScript library and the full function of a website, WordPress released a plugin.

The users can get through various consequences such as lack of functionality, JavaScript errors are shown in the Chrome developer console and older plugin. Consequently, you should prefer installing this plugin.

More than 50,000 users have downloaded WordPress Enable jQuery Migrate Plugin since the day it was released.


Enable jQuery Migrate Helper is the name of the plugin.

Enable jQuery Migrate Helper plugin can be downloaded here:

  • Update All Your Themes and Plugins

The developers of the theme and plugin were laborious to update their software after the launch of WordPress 5.5.  If an outdated version is utilized by the user, he/she can snag into a fixed issue.

To examine the updates you are required to log in to your WordPress dashboard and opt for the updates. By doing so you can effortlessly update all your themes and plugins.

Cross-check whether your problem is resolved or not even after installing one or more updates. According to our estimation, you should try to replicate the original issue, or if you know how to look for it, troubleshoot your site using a toolkit such as Chrome DevTools.

  • Contact the Developer

After you have installed the recent update but still facing issues, you can go for contacting the plugin developer. The developer might be aware of the jQuery conflict or maybe planning to release an update.

You can inspect the plugin listing since you have downloaded the plugin from WordPress.  These listings often include information about websites, forums, or social media profiles where you can contact the team behind the plugin or theme in question. Sometimes, the developer’s direct contact details are also provided in these listings.

Alternatively, including the contact information at the code level is also an option for the developers to choose. You need to search for the contact details of the developer and attempt to unzip the folder after downloading the theme or plugin on your computer.

To have a good start README file is usually more preferable. The essential names of core contributors and the process for contracting support are usually provided in these files.

The inconvenience that is experienced by the users should be informed to the developer while contacting. Users can go for sharing the data with themes developer or plugin If you explore the error using a toolkit such as Chrome DevTools.

  • Check Whether the Plugin or Theme Is No Longer Maintained

Many plugins and themes are passion projects, rather than commercial ventures. A spearheaded project managed by a team or a single developer, losing the momentum can be in great proportionality. In a few cases, it is abandoned by the users as well.

The latest update of the theme and plugin is shown in the official WordPress Plugin Directory. As each software has a different frequency of updates excluding plugin and theme. The user needs to update the plugin and theme within six months.


The above link can be checked for all the recent activities and updates. Theme and plugin are under active development as per recent tweets and blogs.

If you suspect the theme or plugin is abandoned or otherwise no longer maintained, the solution is to find one that is being actively developed. Almost all WordPress vulnerabilities are related to plugins, so it’s always a good idea to replace unmaintained themes and plugins, regardless of jQuery conflicts.

  • Use the jQuery Migrate Plugin


One can approach WordPress for the solution,  enabling jQuery Migrate Helper plugin of jQuery to resolve the conflicts relating to the 5.5 updates. If you are not satisfied with the plugin or theme that results in jQuery conflicts, A compatible fix is also provided by the plugin.

It essentially re-enables the migration script for your website and gives the theme or plugin’s developer some extra time to update their software.

While, the Enable jQuery helper plugin is designed to run in production – i.e. on a live site – it doesn’t fix what’s broken by the WordPress 5.5 update. As such, you should treat this plugin as a temporary fix, rather than a permanent solution.

Other Common WordPress errors & their fixes.

How to Error-Proof Your WordPress Website?

You are required to prepare for WordPress 5.6 and 5.7. This will help to avoid any unwanted continuances further. By using the Test jQuery updates plugin one can examine the functionality of various jQuery environments.


In WordPress 5.6, the current plan is to update to the latest version of jQuery and jQuery UI, but leave the jQuery Migrate plugin enabled. To perform the steps and set up the system, you are required to navigate to Plugins > Test jQuery Updates.

After doing so, you can change the jQuery version to 3.5.1, and change jQuery UI to 1.12.1. You should also know and ensure that jQuery Migrate is enabled.

Now, test your website. If you encounter any unexpected behavior, you can troubleshoot these issues using a toolkit such as Chrome DevTools.

WordPress 5.5 is Largely a Success

For the most part, WordPress 5.5 is a success. We have spent a few hours reviewing the list of possible bugs and were impressed with the work of the WordPress community to research each issue in order to resolve them all.

The WordPress team has done an amazing job. The issues WordPress5.5 is facing with jQuery are soon be resolved

If you are not sure if your theme is up to date or the stability of the new version, contact our wordpress developer here.

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