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Use our free custom WordPress Security Scanner for detailed analysis of your website. Our “Early Detection Technology” finds WordPress Malware that other popular scanners miss. We start cleaning up your website immediately!

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Rebecca (LA, United States)

RedBlink support team is quick and efficient. We have had a few web-emergencies that their team was able to quickly resolve. They are great at communicating when they are working on your issue. Puneet Uppal and his team have been wonderful to work with.

Laura M. (CA, United States)

My website was broken and had weird links on it. WPHackedHelp team quickly got the website running and then they made sure everything was working fine. They cleaned up lot of old junk in the website and now I feel so much better about the website.

Chad (PA, United States)

These guys were quick to help and offered 100% satisfaction guarantee.



  • WordPress Malware Removal
  • Hacked WordPress Cleanup
  • Google Blacklist Removal
  • Google Warning Removal
  • Malware Analysis & Research
  • Prevent Future Hacks
  • Website Protection Included
  • Customer Support
  • Daily Automatic Backup
  • WordPress security scanner

Why Us?

We specialize in WordPress security, hack cleanup and malware removal. We will start immediately after a request is submitted. Our WordPress security experts can get a hacked wordpress site resolved within 4-6 hours. We ensure that the hack is fully cleared and that no further issues remain. WP Hacked Help many years of WordPress experience in website security and malware cleanup techniques. Our goal is to be the best WordPress cleanup service. Hackers often leave back doors which most WordPress malware removal services do not clean up effectively. We take advantage of our experience and Remove malware from wordpress site or infected files to carefully analyze all of the files to make sure we catch every issue on your WordPress website. We can also fix WordPress site errors issues quickly.

Fast Turnaround

Our live wordpress malware removal service ensures that your websites gets fixed as soon as possible.

Reliable Service

We make sure that everything on your website is cleaned up and verify it multiple scanners.

24/7 Support

We are available 24 hours a day/7 days a week to assist you with any issues after the WordPress Malware removal.

Live Updates

We provide you with the live updates on the status of your request.

Detailed Analysis

Our WordPress engineer performs a 360 degree inspection of your hacked WordPress website. Based on this analysis, you will receive a detailed site cleanup report of any malware issues affecting your website.

Experienced Staff

Our staff has over 15 years of WordPress experience. You can be assured that only real WordPress developers fix your hacked WordPress website.

Questions you might be asking about our WordPress Cleanup Service

Malicious users crawl the internet looking for vulnerable WordPress sites to hack. If your website is not protected with a WordPress firewall and if you do not follow WordPress security best practices, your website can become a victim.

As soon as we process your order, we will get to work without delay. Our goal is to fix your website in one day. However, depending on the situation (eg removing the blacklist), the task may take a little longer.

To start working on your website, we need a WordPress administrator account and your hosting account details.

Our malware removal service costs $89.99.

If other sites on your server are infected, your site may still be compromised even after a complete cleanup. But don't worry, we maintain a 30-day warranty. If your site is hacked again during the warranty period, we will clean your site for free!

You can use WPHH to scan your WordPress site for malware for free. We highly recommend updating all WP plugins regularly and that you remove all plugins that are not being actively used. We offer a complete website security platform in which you will find website monitoring, protection, and response.

You can secure your WordPress site by following website security best practices, such as having a WordPress firewall; using the latest version of WordPress, plugins, themes and third-party services; enforcing strong password requirements; only granting the type of access that someone needs to accomplish a task.

Of course, please open a support ticket with your email address or a phone number where we can reach you.

If a website is compromised or blacklisted, web browsers can display a red security warning to their users when your site is visited. Once your site is repaired, we can request a malware assessment in the Google search console. This process can take several days.

Aside from the obvious, there are several clues to consider, including spammy links, redirects, unhappy users, falling traffic and high server usage.

How much does it cost to fix WordPress?

Our US-Based WordPress Developers are ready and waiting to get your WordPress issue fixed.

Speed Optimization
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Premium Cache
Image Optimization
Plugin Audit
Database Optimization & Cleanup
Anti-heartbeat Setup
Speed Optimization Report
Clean WordPress Website
One time Fees

Looking for cleanup of your hacked website?

Backdoor Removal
Blacklist Removal
Security Plugin Installation
24*7 support with Ticket system for issues
30 days Guarantee
Website Backup
Unlimited Fixes
One month fees

Looking for peace of mind with WordPress management?

Unlimited Fixes
Security Protection
Cloud Backups
Monthly Software Updates
Performance Scans
Uptime Monitoring

Our dedicated support staff is available 24/7 to answer your questions.

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